Fluidized beds

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For generous and productive stucco application that requires a lot of sand movement a fluidizer bed is just what you need.

When it is time to fluidize your sand, attention to detail is very important. At Shell-O-Matic we have a database of over 140 sand types of various granulometry with recorded proper and tested blower arrangement to insure perfect sand fluidization. Just give us your sand parameter and the chances are good that we have experience in making a fluidizer with similar if not identical sand.

We have also engineer a dust capitation system to insure toxic sand dust does contaminate your environment. So far, Shell-O-Matic has delivered over 330 fluidize beds. With such experience we have engineer every little details, like using the right porous material at to bottom of the fluidizer to make sure of a uniform sand fluidization.

  • Perfect sand fluidisation all the times.
  • Dust collection system.
  • Turnkey package with properly size fluidized bed and blowers for your application.

Shown with optional Dust-Collection Collar