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Shell-O-Matic is under new ownership.  The new and transformed Shell-O-Matic is now positioned with new leadership and support to allow us to provide best-in-class shell rooms and shell room services to our customers.  We are now supported by a large private sector firm with over 3 decades of industry experience in operating large-scale manufacturing facilities. 
Providing excellent customer service is a cornerstone of our strategy and  we welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly to better understand how Shell-O-Matic can provide you with the best-in-class services for your firm. As part of our ambitious plan for growth, we have moved to a new modern facility in Montreal, providing us with a much larger manufacturing footprint and production facility. We are also investing in new equipment and processes  to make the company the best-in-class provider of shell rooms worldwide. 
Shell-O-Matic is committed to continue to working with our customers, our long-term strategic partners, and our vendors. We look forward to building on the excellent relationships that have been created in the past and we are excited about the opportunities to work together in the future.
Contact or visit us at:

6855 Boulevard Couture
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
H1P 3M6