Shell-O-Matic-Type Robots

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Shell-O-Matic-type robots have been designed specifically for the shell-building process and are especially suited for heavy loads, up to 1500 lbs / 675 kg.

Before the era of the articulated robot, Shell-O-Matic was the first to introduce electrically driven robots in the investment casting industry back in 1973. These robots were designed and built by Shell-O-Matic specifically for the industry needs.

This design has now evolved for more than 40 years and has proven its benefits to our clients with over 250 robots installed so far all over the globe. Those robots are still selected by our clients today due to their ease of maintenance, simplicity and reliability. Furthermore, their construction is perfectly suited for heavy weight lifting capacity where they are more cost effective than articulated robots.

The product line includes:

  • 3 robot models respectively suited for 205 Kg, 365 Kg and 680 Kg.
  • Embedded Shell-O-Matic traverse axis with length design to suit your process complexity.
  • Simple and convenient manual control mode or fully automatic mode.
  • Smooth and fast motion.
  • Made from standard industrial components available worldwide.

With these robots we also deliver turnkey systems including:

  • Multi robot integration to maximize your factory throughput.
  • Industry-renowned gripper systems selected or adapted to your needs. Proven designs with many grippers having more than 25 years of continuous operation.
  • Integration of the robot with the surrounding process equipment (including existing equipment used in your factory).
  • Simple human machine interface in the language of your choice.
  • Robot cell safety system matching your local safety codes.
  • Worldwide training and support by Shell-O-Matic investment casting robotic experts.