Part Traceability

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As the molds enter or leave the cell, it is important to record the associated traceability data. Shell-O-Matic can completely adapt the system to customer needs.

For each mold, the system can record:

  • Part number
  • Number of coats performed on the mold
  • Program number used on each coat
  • Minimum drying time of each coat
  • Date when the part entered the cell
  • Dip start time
  • Temperature and R.H. in the drying environment for each coat
  • Real (actual) drying time
  • Slurry tank (and slurry parameters) used for each dip
  • Sander (and sand parameters) used for each dip

Plus any other parameters the customer chooses to record.

Bar code scanner

The system is equipped with a bar code scanner to automatically pick up the part number/job number/work order/etc. (depending on how the customer manufacturing system is set up).

RFID system

Tags are placed on each part and the antennas, at various pickup and drop points of the robot in the cell, allowing for real-time tracking of the mold shell-making process, no matter what happens. The RFID system is the best way to avoid all possibility of errors as a part may leave the cell process for manual rework or an unexpected event.