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There are many small details that make our drum sanders different from our competition, starting with the fact that we have the expertise to tweak it to your needs.

Give us your sand specs and rain flow requirements and we will tailor the sand rain to your spec, making sure you can adjust the rain flow within a desired range.

Furthermore, we can integrate your sander with automatic sand feeding system so you never run out of sand, thus improving your productivity. We can also offer sand exchange systems, making it easy in your process to switch from one sand type to another. Finally, since most sands used in the investment casting industry create toxic dust, we engineered a dust collection system tested to make sure your workers are safe.

Our standard model diameters are 38’’/965 mm, 48’’/1220 mm, 54’’/1370 mm, 63’’/1600 mm, 72’’/1828 mm and 83’’/2108 mm, but we can also design bigger models to meet your requirements.

Shell-O-Matic Drum Sanders feature:

  • Dense and uniform sand distribution over a large area to ensure fast stuccoing.
  • Automatic, continuous sand cleaning is built-in.
  • Rugged design with industrial parts available worldwide.
  • Simple operation and ease of maintenance.